Luna Game
A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fangame series

Hello, I am the creator of the MLP:FiM Creepypasta series known as "Luna Game".

It's been over 10 years since the first game was released to the public, and a lot of things have changed since then. I left the fandom in 2013, around the time Season 3 ended, so I didn't realize how much this game series had caught on until many years later. Hell, it even has its own TVTropes page! This page was super cool to find years after I'd made this.

This game was made before I truly realized the importance of crediting work, and many (Read: most) of the assets in the games are stolen. I am not proud of this, but I didn't think anything of taking a few fan sprites here, or a few song remixes there. I realize now how important it is to speak with the creator of a work to receive permission to use it beforehand.

Regardless, I've decided to create this website as a way to talk about the game, where the idea came from, the point of a lot of things, secrets people never found, and more.

I hope you'll join me on a trip through memory lane, enjoy!
What is Luna Game?
Luna Game is a series of 2D platformer games created between the years of 2011 and 2012. The goal of each game is simply to reach the end, with various images and sounds used to scare the player, or cause general discomfort.

On a more personal level, the Luna Games are a series of projects I made to experiment with game creation when I was young. I had no intention of creating a semi-viral series of "Creepypasta Games" going into the project.

In fact, the first game was simply supposed to be a prank I gave to a few of my friends in the community. Publishing it online was never part of the original plan, and things definitely got out of hand faster than I could have imagined.
The inspiration behind the series
"Luna Game" (Luna Game 1), the first entry in the series, was originally created as a prank for my friends within the MLP:FiM Community in early 2011. The original inspiration was actually a Youtube video (I can no longer find it, unfortunately Thanks to Stellar Citation, who notified me that the original videos were actually made by KizuxTheo. They are no longer public, however). The video was simply a static image of the "Creepybloom" and "Zalgo Pinkie Pie" images accompanied by slowed down sounds and music.

I took the creepy Pinkie Pie image, along with the sounds that played over the video, and used them in Luna Game 1. I also realized that using the version of Game Maker I had at the time, I could save images and text files to the user's computer.

This was one of the more dubious things I did, though it was never meant to be malicious. The only place it would save these files was in the same directory as the game itself. The files were just the same Zalgo Pinkie Pie image as in the game. The text files had numerical names counting up from one, with text reading "The End Is Neigh"
file = file_text_open_write("The End Is Neigh" + string(fnumber) + ".txt");

screen_save("The End Is Neigh" + string(fnumber) + ".png");
file_text_write_string(file,"The end is neigh.");
The friends I handed this off to had a laugh (they might have also gotten upset with me, I honestly can't remember), and I was so proud of this I submitted it to the biggest MLP:FiM Fandom site at the time.

The game was put up on their website, and taken down within a day due to complaints. After this, a statement was made that they would no longer accept any submissions of executable game files.

The reception was so strong from this first title, I felt inclined to make more.

So I did.
Bonus Trivia
"The End Is Neigh" wasn't originally a pun, it was actually just a spelling mistake of the word "nigh".
The first sequel
Internally, the first game was only ever called "luna" to me and it would show up as "luna.exe" on most computers. Luna Game 2's name, then, was simply "Luna 2". Online though, it had been called "Luna Game 2"

I swapped the sprites out with newer sprites of Luna I found, made the level a bit longer, improved the movement code to not be absolutely atrocious (now it was only mostly bad), and added a new image.

The tone of this game would set the standard for the rest, with Princess Luna falling to her death at the hands of the player.
Continuing the series
After the second game, the name of the series had been cemented as "Luna Game", and each entry from here on out would get more complicated than the last.

The end of almost every game had Luna dying in a gruesome fashion, usually falling to death.

At this point, I started having fun making these games. I had no issue with negative feedback because it was all anonymous, though generally from what I saw people enjoyed the series. Getting scared by something like this was more novel back then. It may not have been a good game series, but it took this innocent, cute show that people loved and twisted it in a way that caught people's attention.

Luna Game 4 featured an actual win / lose scenario. If you don't escape the approaching darkness, you won't be able to see the "true" ending of the game. Once you complete the game, it saves a file in the Windows temp folder not allowing you to replay it.

I secretly released a "Replay Program" with these later games, allowing users to run this program and play Luna Game 4 again. I no longer have the source code to this, but it just deleted the file created by the main game and allowed you to play it again.
Luna Game 0: The odd one out
After making Luna Game 4, I wanted to try something different. I was using my time making these games to learn how to do various things in Game Maker and I wanted to have something a bit more story-oriented.

I suppose my idea of "fun" was a maze fetch quest.

In reality, I still had no idea what I was doing, and even at the time I don't think I enjoyed it much. I just knew people would power through it to see what horrible things happened to everyone's favorite moon princess next.

At its core, it was the same Luna Game as those prior. It had platforming, falling, a jumpscare, and creepy music, but this time with an additional platforming fetch quest.

At the time, I had big ideas for the series. This was going to be the prequel entry that explained how Luna ended up in the endless loop of death from the games prior. Unfortunately, after creating this title I lost interest in developing the Luna Game as a series.

This was until a fan project sparked my interest again
Luna Game 5: "Luna Game End"
Six months had passed since the last Luna Game was released when "Luna Game 5" was published by a different creator.

At the time, I saw this as a challenge to myself, so I started work on the ‘real' ending of the Luna Game series. I could no longer name it "Luna Game 5", because the fan game had taken that, so I went with "Luna Game End".

I tried building some hype for the finale of the series, though I'm honestly not sure how much people in the fandom cared about it at this point. Regardless, I got to work, and using the fan game as inspiration, made the final entry of the Luna Game series.

It was by far the most ambitious game I'd made up until this point, featuring some simple cutscenes, more gameplay, and mechanics I didn't know how to do before. It was also the only entry to include easter eggs.

I published the final entry shortly after, and that would be the last time I'd work on Luna Game. It was already well into 2012, and I believed people would lose interest in the series at this point. I certainly had lost interest in making them.
Rise in popularity
Going into this, I never expected Luna Game to be received the way it was. I can't say for certain when the series truly hit its peak, but it certainly stayed relevant for far longer than I would have ever imagined.

Many, MANY people published videos on the series, wrote articles, and made fangames. It's honestly humbling seeing how much of an impact a silly little creepypasta made on so many people. When looking up things people said about the series, I even found some commenting that they "remembered this from their childhood."

By far, this is the largest project I've ever made, and the entire thing was done anonymously.
Anonymous Creator
I have no plans on revealing my identity at this point. I'm not embarrassed about it, I just have no reason to.

The original reason I stayed anonymous is because I was worried the game would upset people and they would lash out at me. I kept it up because it was convenient, and made the series more compelling as a whole.

It allowed me to make something with such an impact, yet be able to walk away from it completely. I didn't have to worry about people ridiculing me for being the "pony creepypasta creator" after leaving the fandom. It was nice.

This was also created at a time where, even if I did reveal who I was, I wouldn't have gained much from it. I was far too young to have any idea what to do with that fame, and it wasn't an original IP so I couldn't do anything monetarily with it either.

I'm glad I kept all of the source code though, I can still look through it and reminisce about the past.

By the way, I also work as a systems administrator now, though the projects I work on now feature a lot fewer ponies.
Easter Eggs
The Luna Game series as a whole doesn't have many easter eggs. In fact, I don't think the first 5 entries have *any* easter eggs at all.

Luna Game End, however, has a few that even to this day no one has found.
Luna Game 0 Source Code Comment
This was an odd one. I'm going to be honest, I completely forgot about writing this. I did so in case anyone was able to decompile the game, but even then I don't think code comments would stay in a decompiled codebase. Regardless, this was commented out:

If you can read this, Help me.
I know they're coming after me.
I know they're going to find me.
And I know I won't survive.

My time is running out.
These are a series of games, telling a tale of a series of rather... Unfortunate evemts that have lead up to my current situation.
If you can read this, you already know my story.
You know what I've been through.

I wish I could undo mistakes of that past.
I hope you won't make the same mistake.

Goodbye for now.

Spiderman Easter Egg
In Luna Game End, if you die at a very specific spot when the darkness is chasing you, a picture of spiderman holding up a camera will show up on the next screen. There was no reason behind this existing other than I thought it was funny.
Luna Game 0 Routes
The game changes slightly depending on which Luna Game 0 route you beat, if you played it at all before this. I am not entirely sure what it changes, though I did find code related to the temporary files it creates.
if (file_exists(working_directory + "TS_9B42.tmp"))
file = file_text_open_read(working_directory + "TS_9B42.tmp");
ficl = real(file_text_read_real(file));
if(ficl == 0)
global.diedie = true;
butttttt = 1;
global.balls = file_text_read_real(file);
global.diedie = true;

if (file_exists(working_directory + "PN_A04F3.tmp"))
file = file_text_open_read(working_directory + "PN_A04F3.tmp");
fici = real(file_text_read_real(file));
if(fici == 0)
global.diedie = true;
global.luna0quest = fici;
global.diedie = true;
I believe whatever item you got in Luna Game 0 also appears as a shadow during the static pony section, but I'm unsure.
Date Easter Eggs
There were a few easter eggs depending on the date you played the game. I'm unsure if these still work, as the code has changed a bit, but I'll outline them here anyway.

Birthday Easter Egg
If you play the game on November 21st, wait at the far right wall in the Static Ponies room, birthday music will play and you'll see a scene with a birthday cake. This isn't my birthday, by the way.

Friday the 13th
I'm not entirely sure what this easter egg did, the only code I could find for it was:
if(global.friday13 != 1)
obj_luna.y = 10000;

If you play the game on June 6th, 2006, the sky background should be replaced with the "hellsky" image.

Luna Game Release Dates
If you play the game on the release dates of the previous games, various things about the game will change.

I was unable to locate all of the changes, but I verified that the Luna Game 2 release date sends you to the same room in Luna Game 2, recreated. I also believe that if you use the release date of Luna Game 1, Luna's sprite changes to the original sprite used. Luna Game 4's release date should show you the "You've met with a terrible fate" text somewhere in the game. I am unsure where though.
Assets used without permission
I'm not proud of the fact that nearly all of the assets used in the Luna Game series were used without permission, from the original authors. I believe there were some cases where the original creator was upset that the asset was used, but couldn't contact me because I had submitted these games anonymously.

It was honestly a pretty awful thing to do, and I still feel bad about it.

Here is a list of all of the assets used, and the creators I could find. It's been so long that a lot of the originals have been lost to time, or I just simply couldn't find them with a Google search. I didn't think to take notes of the original places I took these from.

If you know the source to any of these, please feel free to reach out to me at the email listed in the Contact Info at the bottom of the site.

HUGE thank you to mbesto for finding a large amount of the music and image sources below.

Another big thanks to Stellar Citatio for finding the sources of the creepy audio used in the first game as well (These took a LOT of digging to find, so major props to them).

As a final note Do not harass the original creators of the assets used. They has NO say in this, and their work shouldn't be associated with this game series anyway.

Luna Game 1
Luna Sprite - Unknown
Zalgo Pinkie Pie - Unknown
Creepybloom - Kloudmutt
Hush Now, Quiet Now: fluttershy_durge_drawn_out_2.mp3 by Anonymous
Giggle at the Ghostly: ohgod.mp3 by Emma Essex
Pinkie Pie Laughing: ew.mp3 by Emma Essex
Evil Enchantress: no_hope.mp3 by Unknown
Evil Enchantress [Euro Spell Mix] - Eurobeat Brony
Luna Game 2
Luna Sprites - emeralddarkness
MLP:FiM - Luna's Descent - PterosaurPony
Creepy Songs - Unknown
Giggle at the Ghostie [ParaParaSprite Mix] - Eurobeat Brony
Luna Game 3
Luna Sprites - emeralddarkness
Tough Love - Mn27
Zalgo Pie - Unknown (Original link is dead)
Creepy Songs - Unknown
At the Gala [Finale Mix] - Eurobeat Brony
Luna Game 4
Luna Sprites - emeralddarkness
Vengence - cosmicunicorn
Creepy Songs - Unknown
DH: Scoot's Race [Scootaloo's theme Remix] - Kuja Pennell
Luna Game 0
Luna Sprites - emeralddarkness
Creepy Pinkie Pie - Davidle
Nightmare Moon - CosmicUnicorn Creepy Songs - Unknown
Winter -B- Gone: A Remix - "That" Technique Valley of the Wind - Elation
Luna Game End
Luna Sprites - emeralddarkness
Creepy Images - Unknown
Creepy Songs - Unknown
Eurobeat Brony ft. Odyssey - Diamond Dogs (Euro Dirt Mix) - Eurobeat Brony
Fluttershy's goodbye remade - Simon Hjort
New Builds
As part of releasing this website, I also wanted to go through each of the games and have them rebuilt with Game Maker Studio 2, giving them more of a chance to actually work on modern computers.

A lot of the later games create files in the Game Maker working directory (originally C:/windows/temp), to prevent you from playing them again, or to save certain actions you did for future games. This directory can now be found in "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\Roaming\", in folders named after each Luna Game.

Modern versions of Game Maker don't allow you to do a lot of the things the original Luna Games were built around. Things like hiding application windows and saving files in the Windows temp folder are no longer allowed. Because of this, some of the sequences in the rebuilt versions may not behave the same as the originals.
New Builds
Luna Game
Luna game 2
Luna Game 3
Luna Game 4
Luna Game 0
Luna Game End
Original Builds
Luna Game
Luna game 2
Luna Game 3
Luna Game 4
Luna Game 0
Luna Game End
Contact Email
If you want to get in touch for any reason feel free to reach out to me at: [email protected]